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Saint Mohrael's life.

Detail story of the life of St. Mohrael.

Detail story of the life of St. Mohrael.
Coptic Saint.


St. Mohrael

St. Mohrael's father was a priest by the name of Abbouna Yoannis. Telaria, her mother was barren. Telaria once went to the bishop of Menf and asked him to pray for her that God may give her righteous children. Telaria told him that she would have liked to have been a nun however "it was God's will that I get married to Abbouna Yoannis". The Bishop prayed for her and he spoke by the Holy Spirit and said "God will give you two fruits (children). These two fruits he went on to say will become righteous and wear crowns. Telaria did bear a daughter by the name of Mohrael in the year 291 A.D. in the town of Menf during the reign of Diocletian. Mohrael means peace of God and is translated in latin to Eirene. Telaria also gave birth to a son by the name of Abba Hor.

Mohrael was famous for healing pregnant women. One mircale attributed to her during her life time is as follows; her uncle had a son who fell from on top of a building. The doctor said that he is going to die. Her uncle then decided to go to Abbouna Yoannis and stay the night there asking for his intercession and his daughter's prayers. When they were asleep Mohrael woke up to praise God and to anoint her cousin with oil and immediately he was cured. He told them the he saw a human figure made of light coming with Mohrael and that figure stretched out his hand when Mohrael anointed him with oil. The figure then said get up.

One day St. Mary and St. Elizabeth mother of John the baptise appeared to Yoannis. St. Mary told him that "I am coming to espouse your daughter to my son". Yoannis said I can not disagree but I have one request. St. Mary said go ahead. He said after she is martyred I would like her body to be brought here so that I can see her. St. Mary promised him that she would bring her body to Tamou and that a church would be build for her their. After this incident St. Mohrael went to the sea shore to fill water. She found a boat of christians going to be martyred and she got on the boat to go with them to be martyred. She was persecuted by a device similar to a sugar cane squeezer. She also endured a metal seat with fire under it. At last she was put in a cage in a boat with all sorts of poisonous crawlers. She stayed with them for three days and then died.

Before she was martyred Jesus appeared to her and promised that whoever mentions her name or intercedes thought her that God would answer his\her requests because she accepted suffering with great joy and patients and that whoever calls his daughter after you then I will bless that house. Whoever writes your life story I will write his name in the book of life. Whoever takes care of your church, her servants and so on... then I will give him\her a place in heaven. Jesus also gave her many other promises, for her and for those who would take care of her story, her picture and so on....

When she died a beam of light came out of her mouth and went to heaven. During preparation for her burial lots of mircales took place. Now the martyrdom of St. Mohrael is celebrated on January 22 (14 Tubah) and the consecration of her church is on August 28 (22 Mesra).